Colorful Livin' Homestead Style

Life is GREAT!!!

Here we are livin' the dream on 3.5 acres and farmin'. Kyle and Joseph have been dedicated consumers of Organic goods forever and now they are growing their own. Why?  To save the planet for the next generation. They are dedicated to living a Homestead life style. Why? To be closer to the rhythms of our Mother earth and to save the planet. They are using their backs instead of gas, promoting Low Petro Farming. Why? Health and vigor come from using the temple, our bodies that Jah gave us and, of course to save the planet!

What about the Tie Dye? Colorful, abundant, outside the box, non-conforming. Sounds good to us! What do you see at tie dye-festivals and shows? People singing, dancing, laughing, and enjoying the life Jah has given us. Sounds good to us! Plus if Wavy Gravy can live a life in Tie Dye- we are in some of the best company the planet has to offer. Farming with joy and Lovin' It.

So to sum up, our mission is-
To be in tune with the abundance of Mother Earth and do everything in our power to create a new food system that does not hurt the provider of our harvest, while doing it with love, laughter, and respect.

This means we are doing things much differently then most farmers by using low impact methods and our backs instead of fossil fuels as much as possible.

Please feel free to explore our web site and see the difference!

What's Up?

We proudly sale at the Corvallis Farmers Market on Wednesdays 9-1 and Saturdays 9-1 on the river front in Corvallis.
Click Here to See Farmer Market Website.

Providing the finest produce and locally sourced farm products from Tie Dye Farm and other local farms and artisans.

Hope Ya'al enjoyed the fresh local chem-free produce, and enjoy life more!!


It is time to get in on the sheep CSA. We have 6 Katahdin Lambs and are now taking reservations for fall harvest. Imagine your Winter Solstice Feast with loved, Pasture Raised lambs fed only organic feed. What a Treat! How do Katahdin differ from other lowly sheep? Katahdins were bred with tasty meat in mind. Here is an article to get the Katahdin scoop-

And here is some nutritional analysis of their lamb chops-

How do you get in on this sweet deal-
We are selling the sheep for $6/lb. hanging weight. Not bad since the cheapest grass fed lamb in the store is $11/lb. for ground lamb. We require a $100 deposit to hold the lamb for you until harvest.

Need to talk to the farmers-
Get your questions answered and sign up- call Joseph or Kyle at 541-424-2271 or email us at

Talk to you Soon!
Yum Yum Yum